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Exclusive: Obama says US 'desperately needs' Biden agenda, supports taxing the rich
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden's far-reaching multitrillion-dollar domestic agenda, in peril because of Democratic infighting, is getting a prominent boost from former President Barack Obama, who told ABC News in an exclusive interview that the country "desperately needs" the programs and that he supports taxing the wealthy to help support the package....

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Greg White
27d ago

Obama should just be happy that Biden has taken over his spot as the worst president ever. he should take that gift, shut up and just fade away.

Walter Crockett
27d ago

old news from old president to a new old president Biden,the worst president in American History.You have Blood On Your Hands Biden.Rescue The Invaders & Leave Americans Behind .

Ron Maselko
27d ago

please don't' make me laugh. I t actually makes me sick to my stomach. Obama, is pulling the strings. I thought Obama had a high IQ? I guess no common sense and discerment.


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