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Ford jolts auto industry with $11.4 billion investment in new electric vehicle, battery plants

NBC News
NBC News
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe Ford Motor Co. gave the auto industry a jolt Monday with word that it plans to spend $11.4 billion on new production sites in Tennessee and Kentucky where it plans to build electric pickup trucks and cars — and the batteries to power them — on a massive...

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Jonathan Tuttle III
28d ago

Lead the way Ford ….. into guaranteed bankruptcy. Ever hear the term, “Never put ALL your eggs into one basket ?” Apparently NOT. And, WHERE do you plan of disposing all of those lithium batteries when they wear out ? Remember, you’re FORD. That’s strike one. 👎🏽🕳

foster mom
28d ago

Build Back Better wants to give 12 billion for electric vehicles of your tax dollars. Depending in which part of the country you live in that electricity to charge your vehicle comes from many different sources so if you’re concerned about Green energy you’ll have to invest in solar panels, wind turbines and the rest will come from nuclear, oil, coal or natural gas.

Blue Lies Mostly
28d ago

Ironic that they want to go all eco-friendly on making one of the most environmentally unfriendly things to gather the resources for and to recycle: lithium ion batteries.


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