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9-year-old competes for best kid’s mullet

 22 days ago

Mullets were popular 30 years ago, but one kid who was born well after the fad faded is getting closer to maybe winning the best kid’s mullet in America.

Greyson Reynolds, 9, is a competitor in the USA Mullet Championships and is a finalist in the kids’ division, WTHR reported.

He’s among the 25 finalists who were pared down from 500 entries, according to

The field of mullets was cut down to 100 earlier this month, WPTA reported.

Ten of the finalists were selected by the judges while the other 15 were chosen through Facebook voting.

The final round starts Oct. 5 on

The grand prize winner will get $2,500 with second- and third-place finishers getting a gift set from the organizers.

How did Greyson decide on the hairstyle? He told WTHR he was inspired by the movie “Tremors.”

He said his father supported his mullet from the start, but it took a bit of time for his mom to warm up to it.

As for the jackpot, if Greyson wins, he wants to go to Dave and Buster’s, and maybe replace his brother’s iPad that he broke, he told WTHR. He also wants to give some of the cash to those less fortunate.

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