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Rogers County, OK

Large Amounts Of Drugs, Weapons Seized As 5 Oklahoma Law Enforcement Agencies Team Up

News On 6
 19 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAn Illinois man has been arrested in Rogers County after deputies say he had nearly 300 pounds of marijuana loaded in his car in suitcases. The bust was part of a two-night, multi-law enforcement agency operation to crackdown on drugs and stolen property. Rogers County Deputies were joined by Pryor Police, Mayes County Deputies, Owasso Police, and GRDA. Deputies and officers say drugs and theft go hand in hand and they rarely see one without the other. They say people often steal, to get money, to buy drugs. They say that's why they are cracking down on both. In a team effort, officers and deputies made 150 traffic stops, took nine people to jail, and found large amounts of drugs all in 16 hours.

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Conrad Flores
19d ago

Fighting crime. GOOD JOB. Doing it with illegal traffic stops is another. Because what about the ones your pulling over and lying about why you stopped them only so you can search their vehicles?

Johanna Isham
18d ago

just adding more non-violent offenders to the already overcrowded, pandemic infested jails. Put some people behind bars who belong there - ppl who are actually a threat to the community because they may harm someone and need to be off of the streets.

19d ago

True 🐷 How much of those drugs did they turn in and how much did they take home and use them selves


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