30 Oklahoma Students Suspended For Protesting School's 'Sexist' Dress Code

Photo: Getty Images; Edited by Anna Gallegos

Nearly 30 students were suspended from Mustang High School for protesting the school's dress code .

On September 10, teens carried signs outside of the school's building with messages like “Dress codes are sexist,” “My body is not a distraction,” “Stop sexualizing our bodies” and “I go to a school where the length of my shirt and shorts is more important than my education.”

The students also complained that the dress code unfairly targeted female students. In a TikTok video seen more than 1.2 million times, a student with the user name @777jadee also said that the protest was also aimed at "the sexual harassments from the male teachers."

The student also claimed that the school ripped up their posters.


They took and ripped our posters after telling us we would get them back. #dresscode #protest #mustanghighschool

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According to the Mustang Public Schools dress code, which can be viewed online , students are not allowed to wear crop tops, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, spiked jewelry, or "gang dress." Students' clothing must also completely cover their undergarments.

It also says that "Interpretation of questionable attire will be at the principal’s discretion. Violations may result in disciplinary action."

Director of communications with Mustang Public Schools Kirk Wilson confirmed with the Independent that there was a "small protest."

"When class began, the protest ended and most of the students attended class as normal," Wilson said. "There were a handful of students who violated the student code of conduct after class began and those situations were addressed ... we remain committed to supporting our students and providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.”

He did not give any specifics about how many students were punished and what their punishment was because of privacy laws.

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What you knuckleheads are failing to comprehend is, this isn’t about these girls getting to wear those clothes to school. What the are protesting is the UNEQUAL treatment girls receive under the rules. THERE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE. And a great principal would know that & act accordingly.

julie wagoner

Parents should teach their children to have RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES. This goes for girls, as well as boys. No one needs to see your underwear, your butt, or any other body part. Rules are rules, it doesn't matter if you don't like them. Those rules turn into laws really quick and breaking laws gets you a lot more than " suspended.....


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