Scientists Warn That Earth Will Become Hostile to Humans in Less Than Five Centuries if We Don’t Act Soon

Cover picture for the articleThere are numerous reports based on scientific research that delve into the subject of long-term consequences of climate change, like rising sea levels, temperatures, and levels of greenhouse gases by the year 2100. There have been made some conventions in an attempt to diminish the consequences of the current...

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Wm S

HELLO CHICKEN LITTLE.Climate on earth has been changing for eons, before humans existed. Look at the geological record. Clean air YES Climate interference NO.

Lee 2

This has been happening for billions of years where just the 1st species to actually think we have control. The earth is gonna cool or heat just like it has for billions of years. Odds are eventually human will go extinct. An guess what the earth will heat an cool after us. unti the sun expands an absorbs the earth as it dies.

kgc 22

your not going to change the earth's cycles no matter what you do and it's not something we are doing. the earth has been warming since the ice age.


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