Umpire who blew crucial call in Yankees-Red Sox series set to retire | Called Dave Roberts safe in 2004 ALCS Game 4
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To err is human. And no doubt Joe West has made his fair share of mistakes during his four decades a big-league umpire. During Sunday’s game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, the Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham tweeted the following:. Joe West on the plate tonight....

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Todd Estes

That’s ok Yankees aren’t any better than Boston they can’t catch fly balls they have three games with the Toronto blue jays …..goooooo jays sweep the crankees

Joseph Murphy

Didn,t matter Stanton hit the next pitch out of Fenway there was only 1 out when judge popped up struck out then got hit

Leo Byrnes

How about if we all congratulate Country Joe for an awesome career. Without these career umpires, officials, linesman and other sports officials, all of our youth, high school, college and pro sports would not be possible. For all of you antagonists out there, none of you could carry Country Joe's shinguards, trust me. Thanks Joe, Happy Retirement!!


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