Ad watch: Black takes aim at Herschel in Senate ad

Marietta Daily Journal

Cover picture for the articleCapitol Beat reports on Georgia’s latest political advertisements and news. Two days after Donald Trump and University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker appeared at a Perry rally, Walker’s Republican opponent donned some ill-fitting football gear for an ad...

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Derrick Scott

He’s nothing but a bootlicking Uncle Tom, besides do you think that Georgia a very racist state known for White Christian hate groups and racism would support a let a lowly Black sellout trying to represent and decide laws for them? He’s pretty much guaranteed to lose just like that other Uncle Tom sellout Elder in California.

Curtis Parham

Are you kidding? Hershey Walker has a long documented record record of severe mental illness describe in basic term as (MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER) Mr. Walker himself says "at times hes dealing with 12 different personalities" most which can be very violent! It has nothing to do with politics it has to do with qualification and he is highly unqualified! The job hes inquiring will not only hurt him but more importantly it can hurt millions of other American citizens! Absolutely not should not be running for any political office and there should be a mental evaluation test for all of them, if we had that before legitimately we would have never had Donald Trump to begin with and put this country through that now or the world especially with our nuclear Arsenal!😬

Maricruz Arzola

Hershel Walker =Larry Elder. the black men pushing Whyte supremacy agenda.....both are are tools used by whites.....sad that a black man has sold his own soul to just be feed scraps off the white man's table....


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