Amelia Hamlin Just Opened Up About Her Split From Scott Disick--And She Did Not Hold Back!

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Amelia Hamlin and Scott Disick may have just called off their nearly year-long romance earlier this month, but the 20-year-old model is already opening up about the split on social media. The breakup came after Disick was embroiled in controversy after making nasty comments about his ex, Kourtney Kardashian, and her new beau Travis Barker engaging in PDA around Italy when he slid into another Kardashian ex, Younes Bendjima’s DM’s. However, while the split was reportedly not caused by this incident, Hamlin was said to be the one that called for the ending of their relationship, and is now speaking her mind.

Taking to social media over the last several days, Hamlin has shared inspirational quotes seemingly related to the ending of her relationship. On Wednesday, nearly two weeks after the reported split, Hamlin shared an image that read, "The longer you entertain what's not for you, the longer you postpone what is. Read that again."

The very day of the breakup Hamlin also posted an image to her story which read, "Never settle for less. Not with your job, your friends, and especially not with your heart. Continue to seek what you are looking for and do not shrink yourself for the sake of other people. You deserve the best." Hamlin then added "This is it" in her own text next to the image, seemingly resonating with the quote.

The pair went public with the relationship back in February despite their 18 year age gap and were first spotted out together in October 2020 at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween themed birthday party. However, while up until recently the couple appeared to be going strong, Disick is evidently still wrapped up in his ex, Kardashian, which reportedly put due strain on the relationship.

Earlier this month a source told E!, "Amelia broke up with Scott over the weekend. Scott agreed that he feels he needs to be single right now. They had a lot of fun together but it was never going to be a long term relationship." Another source noted, "Amelia's done with Scott for now. She wants to be strong and to move on. She had had enough and it was time. Her friends are all rallying around her and supporting her through this. Everyone knows she deserves better. She knows it too."

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Laura Cooper

Can not stand Lisa Rinna and she is not good mother encouraging Amelia to act and dress like she does! Poor Harry Hamlin!!!! What he ever sees in Lisa boggles my mind!

Maria Dieppa

Scott will always love kortney he just thought she would jump when he finished playing around and take him back you don't know what you had till it's gone for good so he used this girl

Imma Tellitall

Scott's a Raging Alcoholic... better off with someone her own age too


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