Duchess Camilla's health secret is game-changing - see photo

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Cover picture for the articleDuchess Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has previously revealed she uses one particular tool to take extra care of her health: a FitBit watch. The royal was first seen wearing it during an appearance in Wiltshire in 2020, and it's clearly living up to her expectations, as she's been wearing it...

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Lori Spillman

I do not care. I have NO interest in her whatsoever and shall help you with your future staff meetings. Do NOT devote any of your hard-working time on Camilla. Whatsoever. Period. Every human on this planet matters., nevertheless not all of us are a national headline I am a school teacher and right now we're trying to help students that have no healthcare, no financial resources, etc Heck we have two families that do not have running water! That should be news. . #Noonecares. #CharlesandCamillaareawasteof newsspace


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