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GOAT Hunt: The greatest guitarists pre-2000 revealed
 18 days ago

Cover picture for the articleOur GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Hunt continues. We asked you to tell us your pick of the greatest guitar players from 1980-1999 and you did not let us down. It's a wide-ranging period that in some ways represents the zenith of the electric guitar in the mainstream. Van Halen had closed the 70s laying waste to all preconceptions of what an electric guitar should or could do.

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18d ago

the edge? everything he's ever played has been with excessive amounts of delay. turn off the delay and its the most basic beginner level guitar playing. move away from the mainstream, and you find loads of players that are/were truly great. like chuck schuldiner. he was extremely good, better than anyone on that list. but he pretty much invented death metal, the real stuff, so he's not going to be on any lists.


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