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Presidential Election

Biden battered by crises as president's approval plunges

Fox News
Fox News
 19 days ago

Cover picture for the articleJust over eight months into office, President Biden is drowning in crises. From immigration, to foreign policy, to the economy, to the coronavirus pandemic, the president's problems appear to be mounting. Afghanistan. Arguably the biggest crisis facing Biden right now stems from his troop withdrawal that saw 13 American service...

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Brent Breland
19d ago

Jimmy Carter and Obama are still arguing about who came in 2nd place as the worst president. but everyone agrees that the socialist democrat biden administration is the absolute worst administration in the history of the world. Caligula would even be embarrassed by the mass failures of the alzheimers patient in chief.

19d ago

Biden isn’t going anywhere. That’s the whole reason the Democrats installed Harris as his VP. She’s so horrible,she makes Joe look like he actually has some sense.

Laura Holian
19d ago

Joe Biden is merely the front man for the sinister powers lurking behind him. I don’t think he is really aware how reviled he is and those sinister powers don’t care. Their agendas are going forward, as planned.


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