‘He is broken and breaking,’ the doctors said. ‘No hope. Always fatal.’: Newborn with Brittle Bone Disease diagnosis defies the odds to become family’s ‘fighter’

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Kate Parrish

Reminds me of something a nurse friend of mine once said to the parents of a baby born with Down’s Syndrome…’God must think an awful lot of you, to trust you with such a precious gift’. I’ve never forgotten that. Don’t think I ever will.

Bèl Larenn Ora

They should be introduced to The Baxter Boys on YouTube, their sweet 5yr old has something similar to this sweet baby and he will be celebrating his 6th bday soon if not already

Kathy Revell

I will keep this precious child & his family in prayer. He's adorable, & has the sweetest little smile. Sometimes, drs are wrong. I'm praying that this time they are wrong. When my diplegia kicked in, I was told I would never walk again. Jesus proved that Dr wrong. He's kept me on my feet. However, I've been in physical therapy, twice this year. Until the Lord says you will not walk anymore, I will continue to do my best, to keep the use of my feet & legs. Never take little things, like walking for granted. You might wind up in a wheelchair.


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