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Fans react to Team USA's Ryder Cup victory

 25 days ago

Wisconsin golf fans waited a long time for this event, and it did not disappoint.

The roars at Whistling Straits echoed throughout the grounds Sunday as Team USA won the Ryder Cup. To say this moment will be one to remember is an understatement as Sunday's atmosphere has been unreal.

Valerie Juarez

"It's no surprise America won,” said Bruce Neese, a fan from St. Louis. “We've got the greatest players in the world. We respect the Europeans, we respect the game, but we won because we've got to the best ball strikers, and the best putters and the best chippers. U-S-A, we got the cup!"

The best part: this Ryder Cup was won on American soil. Fans credit this weekend's success to team America’s young team.

"We've got a lot of superstars that will be for years to come. Europe has definitely kicked our butt in the last couple of Ryder Cups, but it's been a long time coming,” said Ben Goodpaster, a fan from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

As for the European fans, it sounds like they might be drowning out their sorrows tonight.

"A good Michelob Ultra or two with a little bit of Scotch will do. But we won seven out of the last nine, so it was the USA's turn in that respect,” said England fan Max Kernick.

Valerie Juarez

"It's very, very difficult and we wish we were in a better position but look the U.S. has a much stronger team in fairness on paper. Unfortunately, we haven't played above ourselves than we needed to,” said Zeno Kelly, a fan from Dublin, Ireland.

That strong American team delivered on the greens. Fans credit the win to all the putts made throughout the event.

"We want to set the record for the largest margin of victory,” said one fan from New York.

"Absolutely we're happy with the results,” said Neese. “We respect the game, but we want the cup on our own soil because this is our house!”

It's no secret that Team USA fans have won their right to party. Many fans NBC 26 spoke with say they'll be celebrating today's victory the Wisconsin way: with some good 'ol beer and of course watching the Packers game.

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