NFL World Reacts To The Patrick Mahomes Sideline Video

The Spun
The Spun
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You know things aren’t going well for the Kansas City Chiefs when superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes is getting animated on the sideline. The Chiefs are coming off a Week 2 loss to the Ravens. Kansas City is hoping to bounce back with a win over the Los Angeles Chargers on...

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Doc Brown

This I know you play the Chief's you better bring your A game or stay at home. We are the Champions my friends and we will keep on fighting till the end 💪

Joey Ciaverelli

bottom line hes not worrh all that money he will never be a Tom brandy you can dream about it hes living the high life but any man who knees to the national anthem pay back is a mother = Fer and a disgrace to any ball player over payed to fast why these players can't play like when they first was signed 💯

Tom Golden

teams are only at the top just so long before gravity and injuries bring them back to reality,the Chiefs are looking into the rearview mirror,QB is questionably having more problems this year.


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