Arch Manning recruitment coming down to 2 schools: reports

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Cover picture for the articleArch Manning is going to be in the national spotlight for years to come and it goes beyond his famous last name as he’s proven to be one of the top high school quarterbacks in the nation. Beyond reading defenses, Manning’s biggest selection is going to be where he...

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I hope he goes where he wants to and has the most fun his family likes Georgia and the coaches at the positive. I was fortunate enough when I was 14 living in Hollywood me and my friend were running the track at Chaminade High School in Archie Manning and Tim Foley were out there. and it was cool he asked me and my friend aren't you dead if we wanted to catch some passes and man you talk about somebody that had a Canon would go right through you or kill you if you didn't catch the ball lol. that's what I liked about Archie he let his kids go where they wanted to. his dad worked as a cotton salesman in before his senior year him and his mom came home from church in his dad had blown his brains out because he was embarrassed that he was out of work. that's why he loves his family and his kids so much and that is one of the greatest histories and NFL football to have a family like that who played in it succeeded and are still together


It doesn’t matter where he goes! If he doesn’t go to Alabama, he’ll spend his wheels trying (and failing) to beat them! Let’s face it, Alabama ‘premier’s’ protecting the QB! A ‘LOT’ less strain on execution! At this point in his ‘life’, he’s “stupid” not to go to BAMA!

Mark Zeller

All this is really great for the young man but he’s only one injury away from disaster. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. But being a QB, I think of Florida, Alabama, Clemson. He needs a great O line in front of him.


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