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Weatherford, OK

Sunday gas price update: Best and worst deals in Weatherford

Weatherford Voice
Weatherford Voice
 20 days ago

(WEATHERFORD, OK) If you’re paying more than $2.86 for gas in the Weatherford area, you could be getting a better deal.

If you choose the most expensive station in the area, you could be paying as much as an extra $0.04 per gallon, according to an analysis by GasBuddy Sunday.

According to GasBuddy, the average price in the Weatherford area was $2.86 per gallon - but stations varied widely, with prices from $2.85 to $2.89 per gallon for regular.

As of Sunday, the most expensive gas in the Weatherford area appeared to be at Phillips 66, at 309 W Main St.

If you’re hunting for a bargain, a great place to start is by steering clear of the most expensive stations in the city. Check out this list, starting with the most expensive as of 04:47 PM, Tuesday:

309 W Main St, Weatherford

The title of cheapest gas, meanwhile, goes to Phillips 66 at 201 E Main St. As of 04:47 PM, Tuesday, they had regular listed at $2.85 per gallon.

Note: All comparisons reference lowest available cash price for regular grade gasoline and were accurate as of 04:47 PM, Tuesday, Sunday, based on data from GasBuddy.

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