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Georgia State

Trump turns up heat in attacks on top Georgia Republicans, touts pro-Trump candidates

Fox News
Fox News
 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Trump returned to Georgia this weekend, to amplify his attacks on the key battleground state’s top elected Republican leaders and to showcase a trio of candidates loyal to the former president. For Trump, the trip to Georgia was personal – it came as he’s still trying to...

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One Who Cares
27d ago

Please stop going to his rallies and don't give him any money, as long as you do this he will be in the news, he wants your money and nothing more

Greg Olson
27d ago

Aren't you tired of former guy yet? He stands for nothing except hatred, division and personal greed. Time to move on.

Tom Sweeney
27d ago

I bet all of the trumpanzee's were dressed up in their best overalls and who farted tee shirts at last night's rally.


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