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Taliban hang bodies of alleged kidnappers in Afghan city of Herat

NBC News
NBC News
 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFour bodies were hung in the heart of the Afghan city of Herat in a grim sign that the Taliban are reinstating its hard-line rule even as they are trying to project a more moderate image. Mulwi Shir Ahmad Ammar, the city's deputy governor, said the four men had...

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Granny G
27d ago

I don't care WHAT they do as long as all Americans who do not want to be there are safely back in the USA. The are a nation of animals.

Tom #1
27d ago

What's done is done. Stop with this news that we do not want to hear. We left the country so we knew this would happen. It's their world let them kill each other all day long. Stop giving these terrorists any air time.

Joan Hardway
27d ago

I don't care what the Taliban do. There has been fighting in that area for hundreds of years. We have no business over there and should have never been over there. NO ONE WANTS SOMEONE TO COME TO THE US AND TELL HOW TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. WE DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL THEM HOW TO RUN THERE COUNTY.AMERICA NEEDS TO STOP STICKING OUR NOSE INTO EVERYONE'S BUSINESS.


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