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Jason Momoa Needs to be in Another Werewolf Movie

 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleIt feels pretty certain that I’m not the only person that might agree that the intensity and ferocity that Jason Momoa brings to the screen would be perfect for a werewolf movie. The only question now is whether it would be a Wolfman movie or if it would be something more along the lines of Underworld or even a remake of The Howling or perhaps Wolfen, or something entirely new. Whatever the case, this would be the monster movie that he would be perfect for since his look and his unbridled acts of barbarity in a few roles would be perfect for such a movie. This would be greatly offset by the fact that he’s also been shown as a rational and thinking individual that can play more than just a barbarian or a fighter since he’s had the chance to show this on numerous occasions. Jason is fairly easy to typecast because he does look like a rough and tumble kind of guy and therefore it becomes way too easy to see him as someone that’s going to walk into an action movie and be one of the toughest guys on the set.

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