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Staffing shortage delays ambitious plan to extend California school day and year
 23 days ago
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ONE OF GOV. Gavin Newsom’s and the Legislature’s most ambitious and expensive education programs — the extension of the school day and of the school year for elementary school students — won’t happen this year, at least in most districts. And that’s now OK with the Legislature and the Newsom...

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April Robinson
23d ago

Our children suffer as freaful adults make uninformed decisions. Stop listening to politicians, you might make better choices for your children! You can't pad the world from every germ... That's why we have immune systems. Kids die from the flu more than from covid but they won't tell you that... Quit cutting off the oxygen to your child's brain! Your causing possible lung term damage... you can heal from Covid and the flu. Facial expression is essential to children's learning! Wake up people!

Ricardo Perez
23d ago

Something is seriously wrong. The vaccination was supposed to protect you, but now the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated. Does that then prove that the vaccinations do not work? If the death rate is less than 1%, then why are governments forcing such vaccines?The object seems to be to justify tracking all people. If we cannot do anything without a COVID passport, then we are right back to the same type of control as Adolf Hitler. You cannot get on a train in France without a COVID passport. Canada is doing the same thing for travel. Australia is turning the country into a concentration camp where you cannot travel more than 5k from your residence even if vaccinated.Meanwhile, with this experimental vaccine, we have no idea of the long-term effects. We are supposed to trust the likes of Bill Gates, who is a college dropout with no medical background whatsoever. Our politicians are not trying to kill off people, but they are trying to alter society from the land of freedom to a fully

23d ago

They're. having trouble. They need teachers, bus drivers etc. they don't have full capacity. Some children were going to different school because they didn't have bus drivers to transport them to school in their districts. With all this covid they should of gave parents the choice in school or home learning. At least until covid is.over or everyone is vaccinated


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