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Natural immunity emerges as potential legal challenge to federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates

AOL Corp
 21 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe argument that natural immunity against COVID-19 is an alternative to vaccination is emerging as a potential legal challenge to federally mandated vaccination policies. Vaccination is already required for certain workers and some college students. The federal government, despite steeper legal hurdles to imposing vaccination, has also invoked the U.S. Department of Labor to mandate inoculation for health care workers and is expected to roll out a larger policy effectively mandating vaccination for a majority of U.S. workers.

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Tim Kearns
21d ago

There doesn't need to be any challenge. There is no health care emergency. The mandate is illegal, it simply violates a person's rights. Although It is notable to wonder why anyone would get a vaccine or be advised one when the national immunity is far far far better at protection than these mrna unproven shots, simply no logical explanation. Wether or not one has Natura immunity this is a choice, again there is no medical emergency.

Chance R
21d ago

This is a failed shot it doesnt stop the spread or infection just reduces how bad it is and thats a maybe…i would say the flu shot is more effective than this…no vaccine or any meds should ever be mandatory…

20d ago

absolutely. look at the numbers there folks. 14 people in my family have had it and NOT ONE was even close to hospitalization. and more than half s as I'd they'v had worse hangovers. lol 99.9% survival rate follow the science


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