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New York City, NY

Federal judge temporarily blocks COVID vaccine mandate for NYC teachers

CBS News
CBS News
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleNew York City schools have been temporarily blocked from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its teachers and other workers by a federal appeals judge just days before it was to take effect. The worker mandate for the the nation's largest...

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Mike Constantine
28d ago

They know if they enforce this mandate, They won't have enough teachers to keep schools open, In Connecticut they don't have enough school bus drivers, Or health care workers, Because they are refusing to take the vaccine!

Beth T
28d ago

cool, now do the same for health care workers. Ya know, the reason they've declared a state of emergency because they're about to lose 90000 of them? those ones.

D Boone
28d ago

Lacey you are 100% correct that choices have consequences! The vaccines do not work; they do not protect you from getting Covid 19. What they do is create autoimmune disorder which means your white blood cells cannot create antibodies to protect you from infection or disease. The vaccine also creates variants in their recipients which is highly contagious for anyone whom has contact with them. Facts are the vaccinated are dangerous to society not the unvaxinated. It may take a while but your immune system is weakened and you are at high risk of becoming very ill!


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