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Judge Slams Gov. Abbott 'Shamelessly Taking His Orders' From Trump on Texas Election Audits

 24 days ago
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Some Texas county judges expressed frustration following the announcement, saying they do not know what the audits entail.

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Sharon Roberts
23d ago

all this has to do is continuing sewing doubt into the very fabric in which our democracy was built on. continuing dividing the country. this is nothing but a show for Trump. he won Texas...a waste of taxpayer money..if he wants a audit , he should pay for you figure out what this is about.

Victoria Arrowood
24d ago

Maybe it'll come back that biden actually won the state. Surely they have better things to spend time and money on. Don't they work for us?

Buckeye Fan
23d ago

I'm afraid this action is much more sinister than you all realize. The real purpose of this is not to conduct an audit, but rather to gain access to voting machines and routers, in order to tamper with them and rig them to cheat in the next election. Just watch, they will subpoena this equipment and demand it be turned over to the "audit" (wink) outfit. There they will install the rigging software. Wake up Texas, and any other state considering this attack on democracy!


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