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Armstrong County, PA

Personal care facility in Armstrong County consumed by overnight flames

WPXI Pittsburgh
WPXI Pittsburgh
 22 days ago
Personal care facility in Armstrong County consumed by overnight flames

ARMSTRONG COUNTY, Pa. — Just a shell of a building is all that is left of the Brookview Country Manor personal care home that is now being demolished.

We were told five people were inside when the building caught fire and the chief has pinpointed a cause.

Heavy equipment is being brought in to knock down the twisted metal and stone that was consumed by fire early Saturday morning.

This is what firefighters saw when they got on the scene about 3 a.m. — the personal care home in flames.

“The structure was fully involved. When we got over the hill. So there was no interior fight to it. It was all defensive exterior fire fighting,” Chief Ron Kepple with the Elderton Fire Department said.

According to the fire chief, five people were in the facility when the fire broke out — the owner and two family members, along with two residents. They all got out safely.

Someone inside saw the fire in the back of the facility and called 911.

“This structure is been here for many years and it’s been added on. Kind of glad everyone’s out because it’s kind of like a maze, I’ve been here for fire inspections,” Chief Kepple said.

Six departments responded to this rural area and water had to be hauled in.

“We have some creek access in different places and we did set up over at the boat launch. But it took almost twice as long to run the road back-and-forth,” Chief Kepple said.

He was able to narrow down the cause of the fire to embers from the boiler, which came out of the flue and set the building on fire.

“They had a coal and wood boiler and everything is pointing in that direction right now,” Chief Kepple explained.

Channel 11 spoke with the owner’s granddaughter. She told us that her grandmother had built this structure with concrete so it wouldn’t burn down, but reality did not live up to expectations.

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