City Girls Rapper JT Wants You All to Know She's Not Pregnant

Shine My Crown
Shine My Crown

City Girl rapper JT wants everybody to know she's not pregnant.

The rumors surfaced after she was spotted out wearing a wristband to prevent nausea and some fans even claim they could see a baby bump under her outfit.

JT says she's not expecting Lil Uzi Vert's baby.

"B---ch can't even use emojis no more! I let y'all rock cause on some serious s---t if I was pregnant what y'all gone do?" she asked. JT then directly involved the whispers about her rocking an anti-sickness band. "Nothing!As a women half y'all hoes need to go educate y'all self nausea not only caused by pregnancy! & the way I control me nausea shouldn't be y'all business."

She continued, "Females & n---gas who don't have a p---sy really lost they marbles I was like okay once they see no stomach they'll stop but now y'all just getting weirder," JT continued. "[And] weirder y'all blogs & y'all b*tches LEAVE ME ALONE."

Some fans then began to speculate that she was hiding her pregnancy bump under the emoji.

In May, JT sat down for an interview on "Respectfully Justin," where she opened up about how she met Uzi Vert.

"When I first met my man, I was still in a halfway house," she began explaining that Uzi came to Atlanta to visit her at the halfway house. He had a bag full of money," she explained.

"I had a little Chanel bag and he told me to take as much as you can. I could only fit thirty thousand [dollars] and I was so mad," Jt said. "I don't want to keep talking because I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging. I have a good man. I didn't even know he was a good man. I was f---kin' with him for almost two years before I found out he was a good man… He bring me flowers. He remember the s---t I say I want."

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