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What Astros are doing now makes cheating scandal even sadder: Sherman

New York Post
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe biggest winner of the 2021 major league season is … the 2017 Houston Astros. Settle down. I have not come to exonerate or forgive the sign stealers. I would not argue with anyone who feels the players got off easy by not facing suspension, and the bans on, say, Alex...

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Jerry Cito
28d ago

New York can never handle when teams are better than them. Pitches and batters use substance, managers use video, every team does it......BUT THEY BEAT YOU!!! HOW COULD ANY PLAYER KNOWING WHSTS COMING, KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THE PITCH WILL GO? THEY CANT

Matthew Olivarez
28d ago

they're not cheating you still have to hit the ball they're just good and everybody's just jealous of that I hope they take another title so they could shut you all up

28d ago

Question to the New York Post. Do you think any other baseball team has ever cheated?😂😂😂😂😂


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