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Virginia State

Thousands of Afghans arrived near a small Virginia town ?• exposing two different Americas

 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleBLACKSTONE, Va. - Mayor Billy Coleburn finished his burger, pulled out his cellphone and braced himself for the 24 Facebook notifications and slew of unread messages waiting for him. "Let's see how bad they are," he said, sitting in a booth at the Brew House on Main Street, in...

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29d ago

Sorry but that’s a big problem when the refugees out number the people who are citizens that live and work there. AND.... I fully agree with everyone that says how dare our government take care of foreigners before it takes care of our own people, especially veterans!!

Chris Davidson
29d ago

these people need to be sent to other middle eastern countries. we have our own problems and now we have to be worried about more diseases and possibly being killed by these people. I am sorry I know it sounds cruel of me but they are not our problem. But because of Biden now they our a problem and a fear to Americans

Joseph Zieleniewski
29d ago

how about spending the money and resources on the American people who need it and not just the rest of the world


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