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Why firefighters are fighting Covid vaccine mandates

NBC News
NBC News
 22 days ago

Cover picture for the articleKentucky firefighter Jimmy Adams saw the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic when he served as a medic who helped care for the sick on medical calls amid surging Covid cases. He knew retired firefighters who died of complications from Covid-19. But he reasoned that they were older and likely had underlying health issues, making them susceptible to the virus.

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22d ago

Getting Vaccines have Always been a Choice, the Flu and Pneumonia have been a Choice. The Covid has become Political because the Democrats are mandating it , excluding natural immunity and testing option at times

Phantom Lord
22d ago

to mandate a vaccine that works 40 percent of the time is beyond ridiculous and to take away the freedom of choice is pure communism. so much of the way Hitler rose to power is the way things are going why are we repeating the same mistakes

22d ago

A vaccine mandate is illegal and immoral. Biden is joining Hitler as one if histories most evil men with this effort to force an experimental drug into Americans. An experimental drug so untrusted by it's own manufacturers that they will not take it, and required that Biden shield them from liability when others took it. Again, biden is demonstrating that Democrats are evil....and defining a segment of the population that has a slave mentality and will do anything the STATE orders. A mentality that is most accepting of socialism and hateful of American individualism. A mentality that does not deserve American citizenship........So as the unvaccinated are being discriminated against by this evil, their choices are limited. Either quit and let the vaccinated slaves do all the work, stay and sue, or submit to the vaccine mandate and take out your anger on the business and it's employees.  Remember...."All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke


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