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Why the GOP is threatening to block a debt limit extension they say is needed

NBC News
NBC News
 22 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — When the Senate votes Monday afternoon on legislation to fund the government and avert a catastrophic default on the debt, it is likely to be blocked by a Republican-led filibuster. As the U.S. hurtles toward an October deadline, Republicans have taken an unusual — if not unprecedented —...

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21d ago

republicans voted three times to raise the debt ceiling during trump's term while increasing the yearly deficit every year, this vote is actually to pay for the spending that they voted for while trump was in office, there is no logical reason for their threats

Bob Bobb
21d ago

We have a Democrat President, Senate and House, Republicans don't like it, so Republicans will destroy the Economy! It's not Complicated.

Lou Cummings
21d ago

We do not need, to raise the debt ceiling. Our politicians have to live within the budget and not get everything the want, just because they want it.


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