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Parents react to Ohio's Vax-to-School program

 22 days ago

Cover picture for the articleIt's an alarming statistic among school-aged kids – cases growing exponentially since classes resumed last month. “The 27 days with the highest number of cases per day throughout the entire pandemic for children 5 to 17 have been since school began this year,” Gov. Mike DeWine said in his press conference on Thursday.

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Camper 14
21d ago

Why the desperation to vaccinate children when their recovery rate is near 100%? There may be some immune suppressed that may need it but not the general population. The side effects do not outway the benefit. If you're one struggling the rest of your from it. Heart damage and many other side effects. If it prevented virus might be another story but it don't prevent you from getting anything. Why not help build up immune systems instead that will prevent infection.

YouTube’s Bane
21d ago

Whatever happened to kids not contracting it as easily? Oh yeah, the Biden Presidency is in the toilet. Glad my kids are home schooled. 🖕🏻

Karen Mccabe
22d ago

discrimination is bribing one group the vaccinated with financial gain without bribing the unvaccinated with financial gain. there will ALWAYS be 2 groups. put unvaccinated names in for our EQUAL drawing 💯


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