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Ingraham: Biden goes 'Full Sharpton' -- 'Lying' about border patrol, boosting IRS to surveil average Americans

Fox News
Fox News
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleIn her "Ingraham Angle" monologue, host Laura Ingraham said President Joe Biden has gone "Full Sharpton" with a fact-free condemnation of Border Patrol agents and the injection of race into a political issue. Biden said Friday that people were being "strapped" by mounted Border Patrol agents, promising the agents "will...

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22d ago

Biden, Al Sharpton, and Harris they all make a great team, By being the biggest buffoons in American history!!

Rick Curtiss
20d ago

IRS needs to do their original job. I'm sick of calling the IRS "HELP LINE" at 8am and having the recording tell me to try again tomorrow OR the next business day.


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