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Child Captured Doing Homework in the Street and Thanks to a Photo His Life Is Changing

 22 days ago
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A Kenyan boy's passion for education is ushering in a new revolution in his life as well-wishers come to his rescue. The life-changing experience was triggered by viral photos of him doing homework on the streets. Salim Khamisi, a grade 6 pupil of Jola Urabi primary school, Shanzu Mtwapa, Kenya,...

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Belinda Hood
20d ago

I am proud of him because of what he is doing he trying to get an education in which we all young people needs. He still have 6 yrs. to go and then he will be able to go to college. His parents doing the best they can at the moment but I pray everything will be alright for him and his family Lord open doors that has been closed on them guide them to do your will.Amen

Rev. Fredo Pierre
22d ago

When we're determined to progress, anything, anyone can't stop that.


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