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Washington, DC

DC police officer charged with murder in deadly pursuit of moped driver

Fox News
Fox News
 22 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA Washington D.C., police officer has been indicted for the murder of a man on a moped who was fatally struck by a vehicle during a 2020 chase and conspiring with another officer to hide the circumstances of the collision, federal prosecutors said. Officer Terence Sutton, 37, pursued Karon Hylton-Brown,...

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legal beagle
21d ago

The guy raced up an alley and down another and when he exited on the street he was struck by a civilian vehicle. And they charge the cop with murder?

The Riversider
21d ago

What people don’t seem to understand is he violated department policy by not stopping the chase when it went over a certain speed. And then he tried to cover it up. That’s why he’s charged.

Ronald Barnes-Bey
20d ago

The officer's that shot me back in 1990 was allowed to come into the courtroom and testify that i had jumped over a fence and turned back towards him with both arms extended in his direction and he feared for the life of him and his partner and so he pulled the trigger striking me once . he testified that i staggered for a moment and then fell down lying face up. however, if you was to look at my body today, my injuries will tell you a different story. all 5 shot are in my back therefore, it was impossible for me to have been facing him as he described in his official report. so now the time has come.


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