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Gutfeld blasts 'despicable' Biden and 'ghoulish freak' Mayorkas as they propagate CBP horse whip 'hoax'

Fox News
Fox News
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden condemned Border Patrol agents based on a debunked claim that an agent on horseback was "strapping" illegal immigrants as they entered the United States, proving that he is both "a shell of himself" and a "mindless invalid," host Greg Gutfeld said Friday on "The Five." Gutfeld had equal...

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25d ago

Mayorkas claims the boarder is closed. Maybe he should take some classes in geography the Illegal Immigrants were in Del Rio, TEXAS not Del Rio, Mexico. Such a total dumbass

Anthony Williams
25d ago

you know people elect the president with the trust that he or she has the ability to handle situations that our country will face, and that they have the staff that has the know how to keep our government running and handle world wide problems, well I'm here to tell the people of the united states we have been let down, he or his staff just don't have, next

Michelle Peery
24d ago

Time to hold media accountable for all of the lies and propaganda there is no more truth only censorship and propaganda lies


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