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Here's how many Oregon state employees have requested a COVID vaccine exemption

 22 days ago
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PORTLAND, Ore. — 2,284 Oregon state workers have requested an exemption to Gov. Brown's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to data provided by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). That's about 5% of the approximately 42,000 employees impacted by the vaccine requirement. Of those, 90% were religious exemption requests and 10%...

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21d ago

5% of your school's, hospitals, state employees.... if 5% of each reqired profession left due to mandates, that's A LOT of people leaving their livelihoods in refusal of the vaccine.. this WILL ABSOLUTELY 💯 effect the rest of the state.. and 5% is a mild guesstamation.. my district had 20 bus drivers, 8 custodians, 5 food service and several aids and administrative services that were prepared to leave... our district decoded to grant all exceptions. That in itself says alot. My brothers hospital he works at were looking at losing 59% of staff.. they too granted A LOT of exceptions to keep the hospital open...

Lisa Herring
21d ago

what about those of us who've had covid?? who have natural immunity whose antibodies tests show our antibodies, are higher than those who received the vaccine. the only thing the vaccine does is lower your chances of dying if you have it, an unvaccinated cannot increase your risk of death so by getting it I'm not saving anyone......and for those who think the religious exemption is just about whether we would take a vaccine it is so much more than that its not that simple and sad that anyone feels like they have to explain themselves. the Supreme Court already voted against it in New York and it will across the United States as more lawsuits occur

robert johnson
21d ago

I will say this though, want me to take this vaccine? sanctuary states and democrat party will have to make major concessions. I want all 22-40 million illegal invaders of the USA gone from our country. no fight, no argument, no exceptions.


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