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Husband Leaves His Poor Wife with Four Kids after She Becomes Terminally Ill, Help Comes from an Unexpected Place — Story of the Day

 22 days ago
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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. I realized it when my husband left me after I became terminally ill. However, I was fortunate that God sent me help from an unexpected place. “It could be a terminal illness. We don’t know yet,” the doctor told my husband, Josh....

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It is Written.
22d ago

That is really wonderful mother--in- law .She is a strong and amazing women .The mother is very strong and deserves someone to treat her good.Thank you for people that help others with unselfish motives.God Bless

21d ago

better or worse they stay for better...but bail on the long as you can do for yourself they good...she'll become a better woman....she should feel a lil better got rid of the pain and fever....God bless you girl

Charles Strickland
20d ago

that is so sad I feel sorry for her prayers going out for her I guess the husband didn't take his marriage vows seriously . marriage to cherish to love and sickness and health until death do you part . my wife has suffered a lot throughout the years not once did I ever think about leaving my wife same as me when I became very ill she stuck by my side too


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