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Top Chinese diplomat says China “must be prepared to make the FIRST nuclear strike” in response to growing US presence in the Pacific to defend Taiwan

Cover picture for the articleA top Chinese diplomat Sha Zukang said that China must be ready to use nuclear weapons and should abandon its ‘no-first-use’ policy to push back against new alliances forming in the Pacific and if the United States continues to defend Taiwan. Sha Zukang, the country’s former ambassador to the...

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Timothy Ho

I already assumed that CCP will do it when war broke out. I m so frustrated to our USA top general Marley colluding with China CCP top general. For sure we the people going to destroy by those deep state, reset America, cancel God , cancel culture, the woke etc. WAKE AMERICAN!!!!

Anna Bean

I believe it was Clinton who changed the conditions in which we could use nuclear weapons. We have to absorb the first blow and then we can respond. The problem with that is we don’t even initiate anti missile deployment until hit. That makes no sense at all!

iLL Patriot 5.56

The U.S. has a vastly superior ICBM load out. Nuclear war is not an option why doesn’t China let Taiwan be it’s not their’s anyway.


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