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Back in Haiti, expelled migrant family plans to flee again

 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — You’re lucky, the U.S. officials said. “You’re going to see your family.”. The authorities had called out numbers corresponding to raffle-like tickets the Haitians had been issued when they were detained after crossing the border into Texas. As each number was called, another bedraggled immigrant stood up.

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Chloe Here
25d ago

There should have been a lifetime ban imposed for entering illegally. If stopped again arrest and prison time. So sick of these illegals.

Aileen Shulde
25d ago

Not wanted here. They only come for the free money. Stop handing them everything. Work for it like the rest of us.

24d ago

Joe biden should be in federal prison. He has created the most inhumane conditions. Then tell everyone of these people we will give you a free ride back to where you came from or you can go to jail. And anyone trying to come to america who is caught after theor first attempt should be jailed. our country is going to end up just like the other horrible countries if this keeps up.


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