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Walnut Creek, CA

Bay Area residents protest COVID-19 vaccination mandates
 21 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAs COVID-19 vaccine mandates roll out across California, Bay Area residents are rising up in opposition. A protest will be held outside of Walnut Creek City Hall Friday evening to oppose the recent mandates introduced in Oakland Unified School District and Piedmont Unified School District as well as the potential vaccination mandates for city employees, KTNV reported.

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Skip Hino
20d ago

Fine! Call your own shots. But stat away from the general public until you get all that is needed to help prevent the spread of Covid,!!!!

Germaine Stevens
20d ago

America is turning in to a COMMUNIST country This is what the Democrats wantwe need to stand up to this.This is against the constitution. The vaccine does not work.They are hiding the truth from you the cdc.This is evil and want to enforce there agenda which is the great reset.Wake up they will take everything from us

Shirley Montano
21d ago

it is not about just you. No can infect hundreds of others...It is not just About You...🤨


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