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Gabby Petito Case: Woman Posts Tragic Message with Photo of Gabby Petito on Laundrie Family’s Lawn
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“I was here once.” Someone has put up a heartbreaking memorial for Gabby Petito in the front lawn of the Laundrie’s Florida residence, as footage shows. “Our producer Donna is at the house while we are at the reserve. She sent me this video – someone posted pictures on the Laundrie’s...

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30d ago

I think his parents know exactly where he is, they are covering for him, he is out of the country and poor Gabby is in the ground. Parents should be charged

Robert Wynn

An indictment of the family needs to be issued for hindering a criminal investigation. harboring or assisting a fugitive, witholding information in this a criminal proceeding, any or all of the above. They need to monitor the status of and any recent changes in family finances including any wire transfers or bank withdrawls. Communications with the family need to be monitored. All the above includes the sister also.

James Guay
30d ago

He will be found. His parents helped him get away. They bought him time. Shame on the parents. They are complicit. Hope he suffers and is executed. Parents should be charged.


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