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Newburgh, NY

Unvaccinated health care workers rally in Newburgh days away from start of state mandate

News 12
News 12
 25 days ago

Unvaccinated health care workers gathered outside St. Luke's Hospital in Newburgh Friday to protest the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that is set to go into effect next week.

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Hundreds of health care workers in the Hudson in Valley stand to lose their jobs over their choice to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.

A federal judge put a temporary pause on the mandate for health care workers who claim a religious exemption.

It's not clear how hospitals and other health care facilities are preparing to address the possibility of losing a portion of their staff.

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Joseph Diaz
25d ago

They are the heroes that fought covid on the front lines in the hospitals, clinics and elsewhere. Now the state used them when they were needed and are tossing them aside. I guess they now have a place to use the unvaccinated illegal immigrants who have already been given an exemption against having the vaccination by the Biden administration.

Wilma Grieve
25d ago

If I need to prove I've had the vaccine to enter the hospitals and nursing homes the health care workers should be vaccinated.


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