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New York City, NY

Michael K. Williams died of accidental overdose that included fentanyl, cocaine

NBC News
NBC News
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleActor Michael K. Williams died of an accidental overdose that included the synthetic opioids fentanyl and p-fluorofentanyl, the New York City medical examiner's office said Friday. Williams, whose work on HBO's "The Wire" and "Boardwalk Empire" was widely praised,...

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29d ago

why is it that when these celbs get to a certain status in their lives and or careers it's always drugs not car accident or anything else always drugs,, 🤭

Marie Farmer
28d ago

well first of all it's obvious that it's the fentanyl that killed him, second of all we wouldn't have fentanyl so readily available if we weren't under biden's open border policy

Elizabeth Weest
29d ago

you don't accidentally overdose on cocaine 😂 sorry but you know the chances you take when you choose drugs


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