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Missouri grandfather arrested after killing man who allegedly abused his granddaughter

 22 days ago
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NEVADA, Mo. – A Nevada, Missouri man is dead after a shooting at an I-49 gas station. The suspect was arrested after witnesses to the shooting watched him walking to Burger King. Along the way officers allege he tossed a gun in a bush. According to a probable cause affidavit...

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Tacitus Kilgore
22d ago

If the man truly was touching the girl inappropriately, then the old man needs to be set free. Sounds like he did the community a service by getting rid of that creep. Free him!

22d ago

I don't blame him for what he did .. he's a hero grandpa did the same thing when my mom's boyfriend was abusing me and my sister and you know what type I'm talking about when we got brave enough we told our grandparents and my grandpa got his shot gun and that's all she wrote.. he was a good protector my sister and I always felt safe when he was alive .. and I'm glad my grandpa did what he did to protect us so I don't blame this grandpa for what he did he's a hero like my grandpa was ❤️❤️ he's in heaven now ..

Billy McDowell
22d ago

if this is true.set the Grandpa free sickening who does this to younger people and children.i have not much but will send bail money to help get the Grandpa out if this is true.


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