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Presidential Election

Trump loses Arizona once again

Washington Examiner
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe draft report of the Arizona election audit of Maricopa County showed, once again, that former President Donald Trump lost the state. In a logical world, Republicans would quit listening to the confirmed loser as he continues to complain about his loss. A draft report of the findings shared with...

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Terrance Hall
22d ago

His supporters know he lost, but will continue to lie, it's only destroying the Republican party each day 👍👍👍

James Vicker
22d ago

to all of you who did not watch the hearing yourself.... you will be amazed at the lies u are being told. they ended with the announcement of crimminal referals.

Luis L
22d ago

hahahahhahahahaha that dumbass has lost more times than hea ran .....that egos gotta be crushed


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