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Presidential Election

The debt limit fight is a scam. The GOP counts on voters not knowing that.

Washington Post
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleOn the Senate floor Monday, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) proclaimed that if the Democratic majority decides, in his rendering, to “go it alone” on a suite of pending budgetary matters, “they will not get Senate Republicans’ help with raising the debt limit,” a ceiling that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has...

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Edward Mazzuchelli
28d ago

When will people realize once a congressman or Senator enter the second term they loose sight of the fact they represent a group of citizens and see the benefit to accommodating lobbyist and fellow members to enrich their bank account and chances of moving to a committe chair.

28d ago

All Americans must know by now that if Moscow Mitch is involved it is a scam and only him giving Americans his stiff raised middle finger salute as usual?

28d ago

If you really believe that wealthy white supremist with lifetime jobs actually GAF about the American people well being?


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