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Cancel John Cena trends due to his comments on Chris Kanyon
 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articleCancel John Cena has started trending on Twitter due to his comments about Chris Kanyon, who was an American professional wrestler. Kanyon, who appeared on World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation, struggled with depression and bipolar disorder. In 2010, he committed suicide at the age of 40 and left behind

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annoying white guy
27d ago

okay people ! when exactly did we develop such thin skin ? my gosh ! a person can't even talk these days without someone getting their poor widdle feelings hurt

Chauvins KNEE 4 u.
27d ago

why can cancel culture do anything productive like stop forced vax mandates... nope they remind me of sad pathetic people wishing to have some attention.

Tattooed74 0808
27d ago

omg...cancel culture needs to be cancelled...waste of time and energy, dont you all have anything better to do ?


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