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Kamala Harris' appearance on "The View" delayed by co-hosts' positive COVID-19 tests

CBS News
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleVice President Kamala Harris' appearance on ABC's "The View" Friday morning was delayed when two of the show's co-hosts tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before the interview. "The View's" Joy Behar told viewers Friday that her co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, both fully vaccinated against COVID-19, contracted "breakthrough"...

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Hal Kirven
28d ago

I think "The View" pulled a con on America Friday... VP Chuckles Harris was scheduled to appear "live" for an extended interview period , but as the show opened, it was revealed that 2 of the "sitting on stage" panel had been tested "positive" for Covid-19 and then they walked off the stage. Of course that meant Chuckles Harris could not come out there, so an "online" set-up was arranged.. What "the View" actually did was reduce Harris's interview time for the better part of a hour to a mere 9 minutes. What it was was subterfuge so Harris would not have to answer detailed questions about her absence from the Del Rio, TX illegal alien invasion.


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