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Saint Louis, MO

11-year old pistol whips driver in St. Louis, helps mom in carjacking

Fox News
Fox News
 24 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA boy, estimated to be 11 years old, pistol whipped a driver as he helped his mom commit a carjacking in St. Louis on Tuesday, cops said. The mom-and-son duo made off with a 2017 Nissan Rogue after they forced its stunned 48-year-old driver out of his SUV, KMOV-TV reported.

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Karen Houser
24d ago

I'm not a University professor and even I know that. He's being taught violence by his own mother. Assault with a deadly weapon and car theft at 11. Prison cell already waiting. Good job mom for making your child a criminal😡👎

24d ago

what was i doing at 11? oh yeah, boy get up & wash dishes & cut that grass.. good job mom, you get the parenting of the year!!

Adrian Hickman
24d ago

our nation is in trouble .we're in trouble if city officials don't step in....and yes it starts at home......WOW


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