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Pelosi aims to pass infrastructure and safety net bills next week. Democrats are skeptical.

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — House Democratic leaders told lawmakers Friday that they hope to pass both the infrastructure bill and the multitrillion-dollar megabill next week, a highly ambitious timeline. Two wings of the House Democratic caucus have been locked in a fight over the bills, with both sides threatening to sink...

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Joseph Otwell

It’s time for some of these so called representatives to make a stand. What part of we can’t afford it do they not understand. Their plan to pay for it is nothing but lies put to paper. History shows every time you raise corporate taxes the government takes in less money over time. There may be a small increase in the beginning but in the long run it’s a losing effort. It will further stagnate a struggling economy and cause higher inflation rates.

Biden lord of death

Thank Beijing Biden a Manchurian president and his voters. Joe Biden did have two surgeries for brain aneurysms. Dr. Ronny Jackson, who served as both Barack Obama’s and Donald Trump’s White House physician wants Biden tested cognitively right away. It’s dangerous having a President with serious mental lapses. That was before the Afghanistan debacle and his subsequent remarks.

30d ago

Infrastructure is a term used to explain build back better.a united nation initiative that Biden used as his campaign slogan . It changes how country’s will take over distribution, from like pharmaceutical companies. And micro manage companies to create shortages . And say supply lines collapsed . Or distribution failed . Infrastructure will also be a way to change your purchasing habits . And choices . Like with oil driven products. As far as creating scenarios where chip shortages occur so to force car manufacturers to move on to EV . Infrastructure is remaking the way we bank , thru new IRS legislation that will pass next week . It’s also will dictate who , and how we farm to feed America. Infrastructure Is the vaccine and all it’s ancillary facets to it. Used to condition us the be more excepting of life’s changes . I think you get the picture. They don’t hide it . They just have changed the language. That’s nothing new at all . It’s right under our noses . Everyone will keep fig


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